Thoughts about Addiction

Addiction is any habitual psychological and/or physiological dependence on a substance, thought, behavior or practice that one can’t intentionally control.

Typical addictions: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, smoking, exercise, gambling, busying ourselves, shopping and/or work.

Fortunately, once we see that we’re addicted to so many harmful thoughts and actions, we can change these patterns. Unfortunately, we often end up addressing only the behavior itself, which is not usually effective, since the true issue is the entity which commands us to take the actions in the first place … our internal programming !

Some of our programming may be semi-truthful and/or useful, but most of it’s fear-based lies, points of view, opinions and concepts (which are not truth).

Hypnotherapy is a useful tool in treating addictions, particularly when used in combination with other forms of therapy (CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming) and support. The aim of hypnotherapy for addiction is to help the individual overcome their addiction by changing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors related to substance or behavior use

Take the time to understand yourself, be brutally honest with yourself, identify and change those limiting believes… Heal and love yourself 🙏 Anca UnI❤️

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