About Anca Uni

Anca Uni was born and raised in Europe and has 3 big passions: she is a 5D Healer ,she has a master degree in computer science, and she loves to dance.

At one point in life she struggled with her own trauma and weight challenges and began her search of sustainable healing modalities. By combining them, Anca has created Signature Programs and Healing Interventions to help her clients achieve the goals they set out. Witnessing the transformation in herself and those she has helped is why she is so passionate and determined to help more with an end goal to creating Social Impact.   

She is a Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Coach, Reiki Master and Trauma Aware Coach with more than 50+ 5 stars reviews.

Over a decade she developed healing modalities by integrating Neuroscience with Quantum Energy, talking to the Subconscious Mind and Spirituality to facilitate Powerful 5D Healing.

She helps people Break Free from Trauma, emotional pain and internal turmoil, guiding them towards elevated consciousness for profound 5D Healing, Self-love, Inner Peace, Abundance and Lasting Empowerment.

She is on a mission to help people who are ready to change and heal and who were failed by the traditional modalities.

She is a published author of the Soulful Alignment: Daily Reflections for Enlightened Connections. Her hope is that this guided journal will enter as many homes as possible and will become a trusted companionship. She brings a deep passion for fostering meaningful connections and an extensive background in psychology, relationship counseling, and personal development. Her mission is to empower individuals and couples to navigate the intricate terrain of love and intimacy, providing thoughtfully crafted prompts, exercises, and insights to help you strengthen your bonds, communicate effectively, and nurture lasting, fulfilling relationships. Drawing from my years of experience, she aims to guide you on a transformative journey towards deeper connection, self-discovery, and love that endures.


Master Hypnotherapist

Body Code Practitioner

Emotion Code Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher

Spiritual Healer

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Quantum Energy Alchemist

NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Coach

Transformation Master Coach

Spiritual Master Coach

Expert Spiritual Advisor (Medium and Psychic)

iHeart Radio Interview