I could not be more grateful to have met Anca

I am not going to lie- when I first came across Anca, I was skeptical, but I needed a change in my life, so I thought, why not give it a shot? One day, I stumbled across her website when I was looking for alternative ways to help with weight loss. I had tried everything: Weight Watchers, Noom, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, and much more, but nothing seemed to work. So I took it to medical professionals and Like most overweight people, doctors prescribed me Ozmepic, and it did wonders, but as soon as I stopped it, I gained all my weight back and then some within a year. Of course, like many other plus-sized individuals- my weight affected me more than just physically; I was shy, very self-conscious, didn’t want to do anything, and stayed home by myself. I lived in this little protective bubble and had been doing so for ten years.
After one month of working with Anca, I changed my life entirely. I have a new relationship with food, which makes me feel like I have self-control for the first time in my life. I started feeling more confident, going out, and even joining a gym. It wasn’t until I worked with Anca that I realized how good I could feel. Everyone around me has noticed a difference in my behavior and how I present myself. Anca makes the space feel safe, allowing you to show the most vulnerable thoughts and memories. Not once in working with her, did I feel judged or misunderstood; her main priority is making me feel safe. Although I have yet to see results on the scale- I am not upset because I am thrilled and thriving, which has more value than any number on a scale. I am so excited about where my life is heading, and I could not be more grateful to have met Anca.

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