Anca’s Healing Energy is a miracle!

I suffered with significant neck, shoulder pain and migraine headaches for a couple of months unresolved by use of over-the- counter medications, prescription medications, stress-relief meditations, walks in nature, massages with homemade essential oils, warm showers ect. Further, my own efforts to track my food and eliminate foods deemed problematic did not bring significant relief regarding my presenting concerns. Fortunately, Anca Uni’ virtual healing session combining Reiki, pendulum work, chakra and energy medicine was the right panacea for my discomfort.

What I appreciate most about Anca’ virtual energy healing was not simply that it worked, but that she took the time to understand the scope of my concerns and my history regarding the same. She also explained what I might expect and experience following the session. True to her word and evidentiary experience, I initially had an increase in discomfort for 24-48 hours following the session. Thereafter, the pain abated and eventually resolved. In addition, following the session, Anca reached out to check on me and my progress related to our session. Anca’ intentionality and care regarding her practice was so much more than what I expected.

I am thankful for and love how present she is with clients. She creates safe spaces and nurturing healing relationships which are greatly attributed to her personhood and professionalism.

Thank you Anca!

Gerry T.

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