Anca is an amazing NLP coach and hypnotherapist

When I met Anca, I had literally tried a dozens of different counsellors, reading self-help books, going to yoga, meditation… the list goes on with traditional and alternative therapies. Nothing could shake the permanent cloud that hung over me. I started to think that was just how life was. Now, after my sessions with Anca, I do not even recognize the person I used to be. I am so grateful to Anca for everything and feel like I am finally living my life, the one I dreamed of. As I write this, I imagine someone who was in my position reading it… thinking that it can’t be…. there’s no way… honestly there is. Life is a blessing and I can finally appreciate it. Anca is an amazing NLP coach and hypnotherapist (amongst other things). Working with Anca has been life changing. Thank you so much from my soul.

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