Anca gives meaning to the word enlightened healer

Looking at past reviews, i can see why Anca is so well recieved.Before i started my journey with her, i was at a loss to find someone who could work with me from the higher realms, 5D for one. I am also a healer and i needed someone to dive deep into the esoteric realms with me, as my condition was born deep in my subconcious.Anca helped me by using her innate abilities and depth of knowledge to reach my core and support me by meeting me at a higher level of consciousness , therefore addressing and giving me the tools needed to start the healing process.Anca gives meaning to the word enlightened healer.Do not hesitate to invite Anca on your journey of healing, there is no judgement to her work, Anca is a professional with all the modalities needed to guide you to where you need to be.My journey of healing with Anca has been, and will continue to be ,a heartfelt experience guided by her mentorship…love and light Anca.

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